Programming and Design: DanderBear7 

Art and concept: Mila

Music: HiloSven

Game Design: germantractor 

We made this game for the  Gdevelop Game Jam #2. We hope you enjoy our game, feel free to vote! :)

Controls: W and A for movement, SPACE for jump and ESCAPE for pause. (if the pause doesn't work make sure you have clicked the game )


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bread bold coolness

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how do i get on the Whisk? cool graphics

love the music, could use some particle fx like jump, or death, also death is slow, like you fall, you hit floor, then sit there for 1.3 seconds and play death anim

You have to go to the right on the oven and over the fridge to the buttons on the oven.

It's a bit over the place that's true. 

Thank you for your comment tho :) 

super cool! Can't figure out the first level tho... and im on easy. no idea where to go

Thanks! Where are you at?
Through, its one level game cuz we were already late for publisging, clock was ticking away our time, heh

Dunno where to go when your next to the spatula head

Its kinda bad with outline, but I hope we'll fix it, just jump into oven!

Thanks, also, when your deaths is in the double digits, it displays wierd

Deleted 53 days ago

Super cool, great concept and design! Would try adding the smooth camera script maybe but it's still awesome, they do go together

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Thank you so much for warm words! We all appreciate it! If we will work on this game though time, we will add it! Thanks for advice!